Emergency Surgery / Taking Care of Business

I finished the big LinkedIn Profile webinar by noon my time on Thursday.  At 1pm I did a similar webinar for UCLA.

About 12 hours after I finished that I was headed to the emergency room, in intense pain.  I was quickly whisked away to the operating room where I became a one-bladder man.  You can read about it here.

I was concerned about people on the webinar not getting to the recording.  Fortunately, right before the pain kicked in to a point where I couldn’t concentrate, I was able to get the webinar recording up.  The next day, from the hospital, my wife logged into Facebook and posted a request from me to my friends and colleagues in a couple of industry associations to let them know I was incompacitated, and that further deliverables would be delayed.  I didn’t want to have messed up what I thought was an awesome webinar by getting a lot of impatient emails saying “where’s my recording!?”

Sorry to not have posted about it here earlier.  I find it interesting that my first post was on Facebook (since writing a blog post from the hospital from my android is not easy or fun).  Easy of use is what got the word out to that audience.

This is the fourth day since the surgery and I am told I look better every day, every hour.  It makes me wonder if I looked that bad yesterday? I kind of feel the same – mostly the same pains, same fatigue, etc.

I’ll try to post this week, each day.  Soon I’ll post a follow-up on how to pay for surgery without health insurance.  That post was written from a planned surgery experience.  This surgery was very much unplanned.  I hope to have some great insight.

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