Which Job Search Strategy Do You Like The Most?

I’m on a virtual training session with Mark Leblanc, who helps small businesses grow, and he said something cool:

“There isn’t any one strategy that will make you, there isn’t any one strategy that will break you.”

It made me think about YOU and your strategies.  Or the strategies you’ve been bombarded with.

Here are two thoughts this phrase triggered:

First, you can bet the farm on ONE strategy, but perhaps your strategy needs to be multi-faceted, or more diverse?  You can get too diverse, and not have any focus, but if one strategy isn’t working, maybe you need a mixture of multiple strategies?

Second, something I’ve heard in the homeschooling community is that people are always trying to find “the right” math program/system.  So you have parents who get a new program, try it for a few months, then switch to another program, try it for a few months, and continue this pattern.  Someone said “It’s not the system that doesn’t work, it’s that you aren’t working the system!” In other words, don’t dabble and give your system/strategy a half-effort… give it a real effort and invest time in it… stay with it until you have given it a fair try!

What do you think?