Update: LinkedIn New Profile Webinar

I’ve been working on the content of my 90 minute webinar for the new LinkedIn Profile.  It was supposedly going to be rolled out to everyone by end of year last year, but my Profile is still missing some of the new stuff (namely, the ability to add rich media).

The webinar will be on Jan 17th at 9am Mountain Time – you can sign up here (the price goes up on Jan 11th).  There are bonuses listed on this page:

I’ve spent time going through the new Profile line by line. It’s cool, but it’s different.

Some things are the same, like the need to write to a human being (the reader), and tell your stories.

Other things are different, like how your Groups are showing, and of course the quasi-new skills and endorsements.

Some people have pictures that were good for the old Profile, but are too small for the new one, so they have a goofy looking THICK border around their picture.

LinkedIn is a place to FIND and BE FOUND.  In the webinar we’ll focus on being found, and what impression you are leaving when people find you.

Again, in this webinar I will NOT use it as a 90 minute session to try and sell you on something else.  This will be a lot of meaty content, with time to answer your questions… and that’s it.  Solid content, no pressure.

Join us?

Choose one of these as a bonus:

  • The LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD (normally a $54 value), OR
  • personalized LinkedIn Profile critique (normally $99).  I will do these AFTER the webinar, so you can make some changes based on what we talk about on the webinar, and send you a video recording.  Usually between 12 and 15 minutes, from top to bottom of your Profile, OR
  • One year premium of JibberJobber (normally $99).  JibberJobber is the CRM for professionals to help organize a job search, or if you are not in a job search, to help manage relationships with your personal and professional contacts.  Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs use JibberJobber to help keep their contacts organized and nurtured with JibberJobber.