Crystal Ball Stuff: Top 7 Recruiting Fails For 2012

You know I love reading Recruiting Blogs.  I get great insight from “the other side” of the job search.  I found a post I really liked titled: The Top 7 Recruiting Fails For 2012

One reason I love this post is that there is a lot of hype about new stuff for job seekers… but this post shows that not everything actually adds value.  Here are Jason Buss’s 7 failures, with my comments (out of bold):

#7 – Recruiting with Pinterest: I love what he said on his post: “Gag.  Enough said.”  Just because Pinterest is so successful, and it is “social,” doesn’t mean you should recruit there.  Maybe it has happened, but I wouldn’t recommend you spend time there.

#6 – Mobile Recruiting: Jason says there is still time left for this to work out, but it the idea of recruiting people using mobile devices as a tool just hasn’t happened… yet.

#5 – The Taleo Acquisition: If you apply to openings online, you’ve probably seen the  “Taleo” name.  Oracle acquired them, but Jason says that was a failure.  Not sure what he thought the acquisition should lead to, but he says the acquisition was “catastrophic.” Not for the owners of Taleo… maybe for Oracle.  I’m not sure job seekers have seen any change, though.

#4 – Social Recruiting: Read the link on Jason’s post about social recruiting (not just Pinterest)…

#3 – Talent Communities: This idea is that companies would create communities they can tap into, more than just have a database of resumes they are creating.  I think this is going to be a hard nut to crack, but I have some ideas on how to crack it.

#2 – BranchOut: Wow.  The numbers are nasty on this one.  Read Jason’s post.

#1 – The Facebook Job Board: He’s sour on this… I’m not real big on job boards but I think Facebook might have a chance to provide value to people with job postings… only because they are so big and have so many “users.”   But, no one thinks the job board thing at Facebook has been successful.  It doesn’t matter.  Facebook has so much money this won’t make-or-break them, but it could be a strong revenue stream and they *could* reinvent the job posting world.  I doubt they will but they could.

There you go – again, I’m sharing this because I think understanding what recruiters think helps us with job search and career management.

Do you think any  “failures” should be added to the list?

1 thought on “Crystal Ball Stuff: Top 7 Recruiting Fails For 2012”

  1. Jason, I feel another ‘fail’ is recruiters offering to connect on LinkedIn with a candidate just to get access to that candidates connections, without providing any real value.

    I am always more than happy to refer potential candidates, and social media is all about ‘sharing,’ but I tend to shy away from recruiters now unless they are speaking of a very specific job.

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