The 12 Days of Job Hunting with LinkedIn (Dave Perry – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters)

Want to do better on LinkedIn?  Here’s a free resource from my Canadian buddy, eh, Dave Perry:

The 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting with LinkedIn

On that page, click the image a little towards the right.  You don’t even have to put your email in or anything – direct access (the file is here… or heck, just click the image right there –>).

On page 20 there’s a link to the JibberJobber Career Management Group.

Maybe next year he’ll do a 12 days for JibberJobber 🙂

If you don’t know the name, Dave Perry is one of the savviest job search guys I know.  Actually, he’s a recruiter who just happened to write the Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters book.  Awesome guy, and fun to hang out with 🙂

6 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Job Hunting with LinkedIn (Dave Perry – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters)”

  1. You all continue to out do yourselves! I’m glad you all collaborate to help us in our job searches. I just recently started reading this book as well. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks Dave and Jason ~ I agree with Antoine you continue to give and give. Glad you are making the world a better place. Let’s continue helping all who want a create career doing what they love, making the money have deserve, and doing it fast accelerate their success in 2013 and beyond.

    Dave, I agree with Jason “The 12 Days of Career Success with Jibber Jobber” by David Perry – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters might be a fun and wonderful follow up next year.
    Accelerate your success and the 12 Day of Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Thank yoiu Antoine and Cindy, it’s always nice to be recognized when you’re trying to do good. It’s encouraging.

    I think what we should write next is new Year New Career with Jibber Jobber. Jason? Up to it?

    Anyone else think that would be a good idea?

  4. “The 12 Days of Job Hunting With Linkedin”. In February 2012, I wAs looking for a job. On May 11, 2012, I started the first day of my dream job. The sole reason is I purchased the guerilla marketing for job hunter kit and did everything in it to the letter. End of story. I just followed the plan – even down to getting an accountability partner. So guess what? I am going to follow this linkedin plan and here is the thing – I am not looking for a job. I am just afraid not to follow any of these plans. Hey Dave, you need to write a book/develop a kit around Guerilla Marketing for Job Keepers. It would be for people inside large corporations that are looking for greater internal promotions.

  5. Sorry Jason I thought I was typing in Dave Perry’s site. Hey everybody it was Jibberjobber that helped me manage the details of my guerilla marketing plan

  6. Dave, let’s do it! (what did I just commit to? :p)

    Jeff, never a problem endorsing Dave Perry’s stuff here. He’s a friend and we have written about him a number of times over the years. Dave is no-nonsense and very experienced in job search stuff from multiple perspectives.

    Great idea on “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Keepers.”

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