Dave Ramsey and FlyLady and Jason Alba… ??

This is not an announcement.  Although it would be really cool if it was.

This weekend I watched the first video in Dave Ramsey’s personal finances program.  It was very entertaining and I walked away thinking “I could do that.”

When I watch someone who makes a living doing presentations like that I put on my “speaker goggles” and critique their presentation.  Dave is a master at presenting.  Pure awesome.

I wondered how I could create a system like Dave Ramsey … a multi-step process to help people with job search, or more importantly, career management.

Should I do something like that?

The problem with “career management” is that the average person, if they are working, doesn’t care about it.  It is like the vitamin vs. the pill problem (awesome read here).

Job search is an immediate problem that needs an immediate solution (a PILL).

Career Management is a long term concern that needs more of a proactive, preventative approach (networking, personal branding… the VITAMIN).

If I were to do something that people cared about, I think it would have to be the PILL solution, and I’m frankly not that interested in putting that together, for various reasons.

I’ve also been thinking about FlyLady, aka Marla Cilley, and her amazing following she’s grown over the years.  She introduces a YOU CAN DO IT system to help (mostly) overwhelmed moms with housework.

FlyLady sends reminders to help you DO her system.  She is all about baby steps (funny, Dave Ramsey is about baby steps, too).

FlyLady knows her audience very, very well, and helps them move in the right direction.  You simply plug into her daily system, do what you can (which is very easy to do), and if you miss a day or mess up, you pick it up later.

Should I do/offer something like that?

A system for networking?  Or using JibberJobber?  Or personal branding?

… I’m not sure if that’s my purpose, role, or calling.

But I’ll be thinking about that over the next few months (I’ve thought about it off-and-on for the last few years).

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