AWESOME Cover Letter

Get ready to think out of the box.  This is not a post on how to make the most awesome cover letter.

This is a post on how to communicate with your audience, capture their attention, speak to them, and have an impact.

Ginger Korljan of Take Charge Coaching, shared this excerpt from a cover letter, which I LOVED (read her post here):

“Please do not discount my résumé because I am overqualified. I am NOT looking for a supervisory or management position. I want to get back to the basic grunt work of payables, researching invoices, matching them to purchase orders, and preparing the check run. If you hire me you will get experience, maturity, dependability, and a team player with no personal drama ready to hit the ground running.”

Guess who got the job?

Yep.  Read more here.

Would you have the guts to be that honest in your communication?

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