There is Nothing Special about YOU

That’s right.  Nothing.

Before you get upset, please read this post by Greg Savage: There is nothing special about France…

It is brilliant.  Of course, there are plenty of special things about France, and Greg says so at the beginning.

And there are plenty of special things about YOU, and I hope I don’t have tell you that.

But when it comes down to it, there are certain strategies and tactics that are principle-based, and universal, and you can’t get away from them.

My comment to Greg’s post:

I LOVE this.  Makes me think about me as a job seeker, 6 years ago, I thought I was “special” and didn’t have to network… because my resume would carry me above and beyond the others I was competing against.  And about any client I ever had with “special” needs who really had the exact same needs as everyone else, but really just wanted to voice their position for 10 minutes so they could be assured I could accommodate their “special” needs.

I love the end where you say “Asking for the business is hard everywhere…”   Networking is always hard, not just for introverts. This concept can be applied to so many skills/tasks.

Are you thinking you are so special that you can get away from the basics?

If you think you are that special, we should probably talk.

Read his post here.  It’s brilliant.