I Have A Resume – Now What??? JibberJobber Ask The Expert Series

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October’s Ask The Expert webinar with Kim Mohiuddin was awesome. I hope to have the recording up in a couple of weeks (just got back from a trip, and have some big deadlines to hit). But I wanted to share this with you right now so you can schedule it and sign up – no cost.

You can check the JibberJobber webinar page for all upcoming webinars.

Karen Huller, owner of Charésumé, is the guest in November.  She says:

Having an effective résumé is critical for earning interviews, but it alone does not land you a job. In order to execute a swift, successful job transition, you also have to:

  • Present a consistent brand, online and offline
  • Develop and implement a sound distribution strategy
  • Invest your time wisely
  • Avoid the common pitfalls

Many job seekers express have similar, frustrating experiences in their job transition. Most of the causes for these experiences are completely avoidable.

In this Ask the Experts webinar, Karen Huller, CPRW, Owner and Founder of Charésumé (ka rez oo may) will address what you can do to remove resistance in your job transition momentum and gain traction fast.

Within 4 weeks you could be in-process with 3-5 viable opportunities and feel much more in control of your professional future.

Please join us to understand how you can UNVEIL YOUR BRILLIANCE and take charge of your career transition.

Sounds good, right?

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NOTE: please plan on coming 10 minutes early – we will start right on time.