JibberJobber Search Enhancements

A few weeks ago we updated the search features on the general search (as opposed to the List Panel Search).  Now, when you do a search, you can limit the search results.  To get tighter search results, or to make the search faster, limit what you are searching on.

This is what you see after you do a search.

  • The search phrase is now highlighted, so if you spelled it wrong or want to search for something else, you can do it right away (the cursor is ready to type something new… see how Jason Alba is highlighted? Just start typing.).
  • By default we are not just searching on Contacts, Companies and Jobs.  We used to search on other things (the unchecked checkbox)… so gets you more relevant results faster.
  • To get FASTER and tighter results, simply uncheck more boxes.  For example, if you want to see Contacts in the results, uncheck Companies and Jobs.

Not bad, eh?