One Senator’s 10-Point Jobs Plan for (a state)

Let’s get political!  ‘Tis the season, isn’t it?

I intentionally left the name of the Senator (Orrin Hatch) off the title, as well as the state (Utah). The name and state doesn’t matter. What I really want to do is see what a prominent career politician thinks will help the economy, specifically “job creation.”

Here are Orrin Hatch’s 10 points:

  • Restore fiscal sanity in Washington.
  • Expand U.S. Export Markets
  • Reform the U.S. Tax Code
  • Repeal ObamaCare
  • Repeal Dodd-Frank
  • Make Our Regulatory System More Jobs-Friendly
  • Develop America’s Energy Resources
  • Help America Compete
  • Allow Small Businesses to Create Jobs
  • Reform America’s Labor Laws and Rein in the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

You need to go to his website to get more of an explanation of each of these.

I know this can go 80 different ways… based on your political party, or the role you think government should have in business, to the ability for the Senate (or D.C.) to actually get something smart done, etc.

But I’d love to get your reaction to what Hatch is proposing.

What do you think?  Either comment on one of his 10 points, or add what YOU think D.C. should focus on.