Tweak and lose. Tweak your spreadsheet, technology, profile, etc. and LOSE.

Okay, just to clarify, I think tweaking is GOOD.  Check out the last part of Andy Routledge’s blog post titled Why your UX design doesn’t go live. He talks about “kaizen,” which is the idea of making small improvements (it’s more than that, but for this post let’s leave it at that).

I hear career coaches complain that job seekers, especially engineers, will spend hours, days and weeks tweaking their job search spreadsheet.  What are they doing?

They are hiding.  They are hiding from the phone.  They are hiding from networking.

They are hiding out in a comfortable place so they don’t have to do the uncomfortable stuff.  It’s much easier to tweak a spreadsheet than it is to pick up the phone and make the call.

Lately I’ve been busy doing design stuff for my business.  Whether it is for courses I’m recording, JibberJobber user design, layout, blogs I’m working on, etc.

I’ve felt like I’m that engineer who is tweaking the spreadsheet, hiding from things I need to do.

Of course, what I’m working on needs to be done.

But it’s easy to let days, weeks and months go by in my comfort zone, while my business does not grow the way I want it to.

What about you?  What have you done today? It’s afternoon… can you say that you have spent this Monday morning and early afternoon doing things that will give you the highest return?

Or are you just tweaking?

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