Congratulations Jackson! And, NOW is the time to use JibberJobber!

A good friend recently told me he landed what I think will be his dream job.  He was excited to describe everything from the work environment to the opportunities to the compensation (not in detail, but he’s very happy with it).

He’s been in transition for a while and this great news at a great company is a breath of fresh air for him and his wife and his family.  Smiles and high fives all around!

As we were talking I said, “Jackson, NOW is the time to use JibberJobber! Now that you have a job you’ll be meeting people at your company, vendors, clients, people at conferences… you have to use JibberJobber to organize and track all of the networking you are going to do!”

Saying this caught me by surprise, since I didn’t plan to, but it’s true!

Some people say “I’m not in a job search so I don’t need to use JibberJobber.”

To them I say “you are merely in-between job searches!”

The next transition, which is inevitable, can be painful or painless.  Painless will only happen if you are prepared. Stay up with networking and branding – in practice and in learning.

Keep your contacts nurtured and tracked.

Imagine starting a job search feeling like you know nobody.  That’s how I started, and I’ll tell you now, it sucks.

In contrast, imagine starting a job search feeling like you know dozens or hundreds of industry/profession-relevant people.  You’ll have quite a different job search experience.

I can’t bend anyone’s arm to use JibberJobber.  I can’t bend your arm to do anything.  I can only encourage, educate and provide opportunity, and HOPE that YOU take control of your own career.

Waiting for a transition to use JibberJobber?  You’ll get plenty of value out of it while in your job search.

But if you want to be serious about your own CAREER MANAGEMENT, and be in charge of your own JOB SECURITY, start using it right now, and continue to use JibberJobber whether you are in transition or not.

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