Job Search Communication: Tag Clouds in your email Signature? COOL!

Last year I got an email from Linda Bidlack, and “Organization Development and Talent Management Consultant.”  Linda does “Career Assessment, Job Search, and Coaching.”

I got all that from her signature.

I got something else from her signature…. check this out:

At the top is all the stuff I expect to see.  She did a pretty good job on it (two lines for “tag line” or value proposition… I like it!).  I left her email and her phone in because you can find it on her Contact Us page.

What’s different and cool is the tag cloud.  What words pop out at you?

What message is she giving, through this top cloud?

I think this can be worked with a bit – I like the small words there because it makes the big words pop out more.

If you are a job seeker,… wait, scratch that!  If you are a professional, what 10 words would you want to pop out to your audience?  I’m not talking about cliche words… but words you can back up.

Then, take what she did one step further.  She has a landing page that you go to if you click on any of the links (I linked the image to it, so just click on the image).    Here’s what I’d recommend: On that landing page, take your 10 words that pop, and TELL THE STORY.  Use P-A-R Statements to tell the story.

Can you imagine if someone clicks on one of your words/links and then goes to a page where they can read substantiated stories about how you really are, or personify, that word?


Linda, thanks for the example.

If you want to know how to do it, ask Linda 🙂

This post supports the 2012 JibberJobber theme of COMMUNICATION.  More here.

4 thoughts on “Job Search Communication: Tag Clouds in your email Signature? COOL!”

  1. I receive email messages from two people.

    The first person is someone I know and I’ll never look at the signature.

    The second person is someone I don’t know and I’ll also never look at the signature — because the first sentence is most important.

    That tag cloud is eye candy on your blog but that’s the extent. I’ll never look that far down.

  2. Ari, I hear you, but I disagree.

    I do think this email signature is too busy – that is, there is so much, you aren’t likely to read everything. Aside from that:

    If Person 1 sends an email, when I get to the end (whether it is one sentence or four paragraphs), IF I glance at something that helps me understand their value prop (like, a tag line), I get a little more branding reinforcement. You can’t help but read a well-created tag-line.

    If Person 2 sends an email, I sometimes go right to the signature to see who the heck they are. Most of the time people don’t have anything good there, but sometimes there’s enough so I can understand who they are.

    Anyway, this tag cloud idea is like Email Signatures 401 – advanced tips/ideas. Take it or leave it, but I really think email sigs give people a chance to help others understand what value they bring to the table…

  3. In today’s environment, anytime you can indicate a high level of competence in use of today’s technology to prospective employers, no matter how simple, shows that you have the ability to grasp & learn new concepts.
    That ability is important to employers, because, technology is moving at a faster rate than they can keep up with. Again, you’re using every possible means to get employers to find value in you. No value……No interview…….No interview, No JOB! It’s a lot like winning a lottery……you’ve got to play to win.
    And, we all know the pace at work today, with less staff, managers, supervisors & team leaders, just don’t always have the time to sit by a newby’s side & teach them. That’s why, showing the ability to keep abreast of what’s new today, can prove invaluable.

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