Job Board Fast: The Power of Informational Interviews

Remember, July is the month we’re fasting from job boards.  Yes, it’s quite unconventional.

Have you heard of Informational Interviews?  I’m capitalizing them because they are that important.

I was on a call with a career counselor at a university in New York City.  We got to talking about Informational Interviews vs job boards and she said something like this:

“If job seekers would do informational interviews all month, they would probably have a job by the end of the month!”

I think Informational Interviews are critical. If you aren’t doing it yet, and doing it well (if you enjoy doing it, you are probably doing it well), you are delaying your job search.

In the last two weeks I’ve had two people let me know how awesome my Informational Interview video series is (it’s $50).  You can check out what’s included in this series here: Informational Interview Videos

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