3 Phone Interview Prep Tips

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When you have landed a phone interview for your dream job, maybe with a pharmacy or law firm, it is essential to take time to prepare. A phone interview is just as important as an in-person interview. When you are speaking with someone on the other line, he or she is judging the way in which you speak and express yourself.

It is essential to be fully prepped before you partake in a phone interview. By following these three phone interview prep tips, you will be able to effectively persuade an employer to hire you.

1. Speak with Confidence

Even if an employer asks you a difficult question, respond with confidence. Always try to speak in a poised and firm manner when you are on the phone with an employer. It is essential that you try to get rid of any nerves and avoid getting the “shaky voice.” If you need to calm your nerves, you may want to hold onto a stress ball for relief during the interview. Holding onto a stress ball can help you express your nerves so that your voice stays calm during the phone interview.

2. Speak Clearly

It is important for an employer to be able to clearly hear you on the telephone. Make sure that you try to articulate each phrase as carefully as possible. You may only get one chance to have an interview with an employer. If your voice sounds muffled or you are fumbling over words, then the employer may simply go on to interview the next candidate. Make sure you speak clearly and with conviction at all times when you are speaking with an employer on the phone.

3. Emphasize the Positive

Always be sure to emphasize the qualities that make you a good candidate for a position. You should always try to emphasize all of the qualities that you bring to the table during a phone interview. Also, you should not be afraid to tell stories about yourself that illuminate your character. On a phone interview, an employer may be looking for you to do more of the talking. An employer may want you to be assertive and be proactive in articulating the reasons for why an employer should hire you.

Overall, you should try to be poised and speak with conviction when you are talking with an employer on the telephone. Always emphasize the features that make you the best person for the job during a phone interview.

Liz is a blogger, freelance writer and recent college graduate. She currently performs market research for an online marketing firm when she is not contributing her own thoughts and observations to the online community.

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  1. Great concepts to remember when preparing for the phone interview with being positive and confident with a steady voice! Performing due diligence on the company AND on the interviewer is also important, along with having your success stories and notes in front of you for reference.

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