How to Track Recruiters in JibberJobber

Question from Stephen, a new user:

How should you enter recruiters into the system?

In my case, I have a bunch of initial contacts with recruiters, who may then bring a company & job to me. It seems when you add a company you can’t link it to a recruiter contact. What’s the best way to do this?

JibberJobber is an online website that helps you organize and manage your job search.  Specifically, we are keeping track of:

  • Network Contacts,
  • Target Companies,
  • Jobs you apply to (or are interested in).

So, what is a recruiter?  It is not a JOB… is it a Network Contact?  Is it a Target Company?

Here’s what I would do:


If you are working with more than one recruiter at a company, enter the COMPANY, and then associate each recruiter (Contact record) to that company.

In the question above, Stephen asks about linking contacts with companies… indeed you can link (or, associate).

On the Company edit page, at the bottom, you have the ability to link existing Contacts, and create a new Contact that will be associated.  Also, you can easily designate the Primary Contact for that Company. (See how in this 2007 blog post)

So, when someone from the company calls you (whether it’s a target company of yours, or a recruiting shop), you can pull up the Company Detail Page and see all the associated Contacts for that Company.

NOTE: associating more than one Contact per Company is a premium feature (9.95/month).

Finally, here’s why I would make a recruiter a Contact record: The freaking amazing, awesome Email2Log feature.

In other words, as you communicate with the recruiter, especially via email, it’s super easy to record email conversations as Log Entries using this (premium) feature.  More here.

Hope that helps!