What is the worst challenge job seekers face today? (LinkedIn question)

I asked this question on LinkedIn and got excellent answers.  Here’s one I wanted to share with you:


What is the worst challenge job seekers face today? (see other answers here)

Michal Ann Enders:

As a recruiter for the automotive sales industry here are some things that take people off the list:

  1. a cover letter for another industry
  2. a resume with no effort to show skill that would be relevant to me
  3. a horrible phone message when I try to call
  4. not remembering that an application was sent to my company
  5. not knowing one thing about the company
  6. defeated body language before I even invite someone in my office.

I am aware how hard it is to get my attention in the avalanche of applicants – but once you have it please be prepared.

I love an applicant who has researched me and my company.

Lots of oopsies here!  Great advice from Michal! Lots of stuff to learn from.

Check out #4.  How could you not remember that you sent an application to a company??  Oh yeah, you must not be using JibberJobber!  Get on it!

Awesome advice! I love LinkedIn Answers… !

12 thoughts on “What is the worst challenge job seekers face today? (LinkedIn question)”

  1. I expect the employer (or, recruiter) to forget I applied… supposedly they are drowning in hundreds or thousands of resumes, and lots of openings.

    As a job seeker, it’s beyond frustrating feeling like we’re lost in the resume black hole… but we don’t have control over their lame processes.

    We should, though, be better prepared, like Michal suggests at the end.

  2. Jason,
    In 2010, I was a hiring manager in the depth of the recession and I saw much of what Michal describes.

    What would really tick me off is when someone would send me there resume for another position in the company and they had done NOTHING to customize the resume for the position they were applying for.

    You want me to “recommend you” by sending your resume to the hiring manager and you have done nothing to the resume??

    He is correct it is all about being prepared no matter how desperate or tired we might get.

  3. As everyone has their own opinions on customization, what’s yours Marc? That the keywords and clauses from the job description are in the resume? Or, something else?

  4. I tell people to look at the top three job requirements, look at the key words being used and move the appropriate experiences to the top half of the first page. Most recruiters will only look at the top half of page one it has to be obvious of that area that you are qualified.

    I am not so big on the keywords but if the job is for a technical trainer and instructional designer with data comm background it should be obvious that you have those skills at the very beginning of the resume.

  5. If top half of first page, then you’re not a fan of summaries of qualifications (for people like me with over a decade of experience and skills) that take up that first half?

  6. If you can spell out CLEARLY why you are qualified in the summaries of qualification in that top half of first page then yes. If you cannot …. well most recruiters will throw your resume on the no stack.

  7. What is sometimes very difficult (and is related to #4) is that sometimes the candidate (and I have fallen victim to this) sends out resumes it is a month or more and I get a call and I don’t always remember what position was with what company. I may take the call in an environment where I don’t have the information available to me readily to refresh my memory on that position.

  8. Brad,
    If you get a call from a recruiter and you do not remember exactly the position. Say – “I am currently away from my desk driving, working, eating…. can I call you back in 10 minutes when I get to a place where I can speak you in a private place? The answer is almost always YES.

    That way you buy yourself a few moments to gather your thoughts.

    Hope this helps.

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