Download Free Personal Branding Book by Chip Hartman (of ETP fame)

Chip Hartman has done it again.  This book is an excellent resource.  And it’s a free download.  You don’t even have to give your name and email address to get it.

Build Your Brand is a 54 page ebook that is kind of a Part II to The Basics of Personal Branding (also a free ebook – download it here).

I have gone through the book and enthusiastically give my stamp of approval.  Much of what I talk about in my keynote presentations is included in this book.  Chip breaks it down in a great way, and the methods he presents should really help you put your brand together well, and understand what to do with it once you have it put together.

I think both of these are going to be resources that even personal branding experts use and rely on to help their clients.  These are excellent personal branding resources.

Chip is a friend I’ve only met once in person, many years ago at a dinner in New Jersey.  He’s… well… awesome.

He does writing, editing, layout and that kind of stuff as a freelancer.  If you have any writing/layout projects, give him a holler (his email and phone number are on the first page of the book).  If you want to know how good he is, just download his free ebook and you can judge for yourself.

Oh and Chip, thanks for including me in the acknowledgement section of the book… it’s an honor 🙂

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  1. In an age when technological communication between employers & those looking to be employed by them is moving fast, therefore, resulting in extremely overburdened time-management restraints wherein “Everything” is important & needs to be done now, it’s nice to find a servant of the “People” willing to provide such assistance pro-bono.
    Kudos to the Author of “Build Your Brand” & “The Basics of Personal Branding” as well as Kudos to you my friend, Jason for providing such a great resource to us.
    Thank you,

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