New Dress for JibberJobber – what do you think?

I was on the phone with a savvy investor a few weeks ago and he said “JibberJobber is like a beautiful woman in an ugly dress.  You really need to change the dress!”

I know, I know.  I’ve been working on it for years.  I think we’re ready to change the dress, but I wanted to show you and see what you think.  About 95% of the people I’ve asked love this, and 5% are violently opposed to it.

I guess that’s how it goes with dresses, too, huh?  Some love, some hate, and really, when it comes down to it, probably 80% of dresses are just fine.

So please, tell me what you think of this new design for JibberJobber… I hope to get it finalized soon (click to see bigger):

Click to see bigger

And if you can’t remember, here’s the current, soon-to-be old design (click to see bigger):

38 thoughts on “New Dress for JibberJobber – what do you think?”

  1. Jason,
    HUGE improvement! I’d like it if you took it a step further and redesigned the logo to something more fresh & updated. Also, more color. As far as dresses goes, I can tell you’re into the colorblock look.

  2. The design is clean, but it’s got no color appeal. Your purple was better in that respect. I suggest more color. I’m not suggesting loud and gaudy, just cheerful and enough color to keep readers awake. Also, be sure you’re including the colors and color combinations in your branding efforts across the various medias.

  3. Jason – I love the new site design! It is clean, fresh, and attractive and looks very easy to navigate.

    I don’t mind the old logo. I like it with the new colors.

    Grammatical nitpick: you have 4 “action” items but the fourth one (Videos) is missing a verb – non-parallel structure. You could say “Watch Videos” or “Watch & Learn” or something like that.


  4. I LIKE it! Nothing new to add, but I can echo sentiments on the color, too sedating and calming. Your site is a TAKE ACTION site. (Don’t use my website as a model: A) it is underconstruction and B) I am a workplace career development coach in human resources. We are strongly ‘encouraged’ to utilize a consistent color and theme with the University of Kentucky Wildcats’ BLUE. Go Big Blue…..Big Blue Nation……SEE Blue….all part of UKY’s ‘brand.’)

  5. Been working on my own, too. Soon to be released I hope. The contrast is less and makes it less readable but I like the basic idea. I see that the very bold free signup is gone. Are you not offering that any more?

  6. Jason,

    LOVE the new look!

    It’s “hip” and at a glance you can tell exactly what JibberJobber is all about.

    AND when you go live it will still have it’s innner substance.

    I mean, what does it matter to have a beautiful dress but nothing on the inside.

    JibberJobber will be that double threat – beauty and brains!!!

    FABULOUS job!


  7. Clean, simple and straight forward. But I would add one more button. GETTING STARTED.

    People want more color? Give them the “option” to change their own screens. SMILE

  8. Jason,

    Thanks for welcoming us into the new blue room on JibberJobber!

    The new interface has a unified theme expressed through a simple color palate and matching icons.

    Your dedication to service is outstanding!

    My best regards,


  9. Great overall job! I love the new look, and how it flows. I agree, asplash of color will be nice, whether it’s with the headings or otherwise.

  10. Who would shoot me if I said “I think it makes your butt look fat”?

    Seriously, it is nice and clean but if this is the landing page I agree with the comment that you need your “free trial” to be bigger.

    I would love to see the changes behind the door–my one gripe is that I’m constantly forgetting where to add contacts, how they relate to companies, how jobs fit in, etc. If the functional groups really hold my hand while I work with JJ, I like it.

    Please don’t be afraid to duplicate functionality. For example, I think having Company database tools under both contacts and under jobs is okey dokey.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for including us!

  11. Hi Jason,

    I like the new look and I think the old logo looks fine. My only comment is that the yellow sign-up button doesn’t let newcomers know they can sign up for free. Perhaps the button could read “Free SignUp” or “Sign Up (line 1)
    for Free” (line 2).


  12. Hi, Jason. Echoing the sentiments — I, too, like your new website. It’s clean, crisp, and calming. As far as your logo goes, I would leave the old one. People are familiar with it, and changing it could confuse some. Good luck with the new look!

  13. It is a step in the right direction!

    I like the new proposed design because there are visual non-textual clues to finding the next action I wish to make in JibberJobber. Also every thing seems aligned in frames rather than unevenly distributed around as seen on the old page.

    I look forward to the improvements!

  14. The new site splash screen looks ok. Regarding the logo, the “JIBBER” in “JIBBERJOBBER” is less graphically bold than the JOBBER. You might consider a minor change to outline the JIBBER with a darker color of blue.

  15. Jason,

    I like the new look, but would agree that more color would be nice.

    The only other suggestion is to “down-size” some of the companies who support JJ so that you can blow your own horn more. It is a great site, with PLENTY of helps for anyone who will use it (and I don’t even to a “nth” extent that I should!), and now even easier ways to connect and store.

    Keep up the good work!


  16. Jason,
    I love the new design. I really like the blue, but since you are getting feedback to add a splash more color, may I recommend orange as an accent color? It is the complement to blue and suggests the attributes of determination, encouragement, and success – all excellent attributes to be embraced by the job-seeker.

  17. Love it! NOthing personal, but SO much nicer than the old JJ. It creates more desire to use it when it looks good as well as “works good.” Agree a splash of color could help make it even better. I think any site that has to do with “data” is just more fun to use with gleam and color.

  18. Jason, it looks great! I especially like the logos at the bottom. Like others have said, I think an accent color would make things pop even more (maybe a red?).

    Regardless, I really like the new design!

  19. The layout is an improvement. However, I think the colors are too bland; they don’t “grab” and invite mental immersion. The webs I admire most have rich tones, i.e. reds, cobalt, gold with intensity fading to muted. Change is quite a challenge, I know.

  20. Nice!! Much better! You’re looking current. How about making the JIBBERJOBBER icon less rigid and stuck. It’s so upright and blocked. Job seekers can’t be stationary and “blocked.” How about italicizing and giving those J’s some JUMP! Re-do the JibberJobber font graphic while conducting this redesign. Get it all done! Why keep a legacy piece. Go for the FULL new look. Just my two cents.

  21. I think it would be nice if Jibber Jobber was not only a resource for job-seekers, but employers. Give the job-seeker a multimedia platform through which to showcase himself to employers. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, simply do some simple things that allows what is already created to be funneled here. For example, one’s Linkedin profile, Infograph, About.Me page, Prezi presentation, Squidoo multimedia resume’. In fact, why not create a module library just as Squidoo has done and let your users create their own profile for employers. Want to see what I am talking about? Visit Give the users of your platform the freedom to showcase themselves in ways they see as most valuable. Don’t put the blinders on your users. Take the off!

  22. Jason,

    I think generally the new design is good – if a little bland. Lots of sites seem to use those 2-3 colors. White and a couple of shades of blue. Maybe some contrasting color somewhere? It only has to be an accent color….

    Oh, and I think the advice given to you about not allowing access to employers is wise. For a variety of reasons. There are a lot of resources for them a lot fewer for for job seekers.

  23. Much better, cleaner and more friendly. I still am not in love with top bar: kinda utilitarian….it needs a focus…I almost think that you are apologizing for the JibberJobber logo bothering your site…hmm…just the structure with the links makes it look like a poor country cousin. I am not sure what to do about it though…design gurus? .. What you say?

  24. Not sure the blues should change or not (if so what shade?) but as someone else mentioned – Jeff I think, my first thoughts were orange or red. Just a splash though.

  25. Hi, yes i agree with most the theme / layout etc is better and yes it could do with a little more colour, maybe a refreeshing of logo but that is not a priority I would say.

    The one thing that really bugs me with sites and it’s the same with the new layout, is this big ‘Sign Up for FREE’ on the top?! Why…trying to get people to sign up like that only results in ‘freebie seekers’ and serious users / followers of your site. It is like having a HUGE sign on a the window front of a shop saying ‘Walk In For FREE’…what is that all about.

    If people want your goods or services they will once they see you provide great content and services…they will be begging to have it and sign up…those are the people you wnat on your list.

    So please move the ‘free sign up’ away from the top and maybe small to side and lower.

    Good luck with choosing though

  26. Jason, Thanks for asking. You are curteous and brave to ask everyone. I agree with many of the already mentioned ideas and suggestions. Overall I think the look is much less overwhelming (in a good way). I think the color is fine. It is calming and lowkey but calming isn’t so bad for someone stressed out about job search 🙂 though I do like the idea of color initiating action within the job seeker.

  27. Much improved look and feel. However, it is a little pale and placid. Punch up the color of your icons to maybe a different color. Bolder color on the Sign Up buttons. The Network icon should be more than one head. Have to agree with @Louise Kursmark about the non-parallelism of the actions you can take. It’s the editor coming out in me. BTW, just held a job search resume clinic for my new grad nephew. Had him entering his contacts in JibberJobber AND using Louise’s newest resume book for college students and new grads.

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