Memo to Monster Regarding Layoffs: You Need To Offer JibberJobber & Videos as Outplacement Services

Dear Monster Management:

I just read that you are laying off 400 people, worldwide. That is 7% of your workforce.  You are doing this so you can get your financial house in order, so to speak.

That makes sense, and we get that. Layoffs are “nothing personal,” of course.

I’m guessing you are offering outplacement services… which is great.  I’m guessing you’ll pay $2,000 average in outplacement for each of those people, which means outplacement will cost you 2,000 * 400 = $800,000.  That’s not too bad, and hopefully your terminated employees will use and appreciate the services.

Let me suggest that you consider one of two things:

  1. Complement the current outplacement offering with JibberJobber and my videos that I’ve created to help people in their job search. So, in addition to the $800,000 that you are giving to one of the big outplacement companies, ALSO buy your terminated employees a JibberJobber outplacement package (which will complement, not compete with, the other outplacement services).  OR,
  2. Don’t get outplacement services, and instead spend a fraction of the $800,000 and the JibberJobber package. A fraction of the $800,000.  High value services, less expense.

I know $800,000 isn’t much for a company your size.  I’m hoping that your 400 terminated employees, and then people that are left, will appreciate your goodwill gesture to help your alumni get back on their feet.  It’s all about a successful jobs search for them.

We’d love to be involved… contact me?


Jason Alba

Monster watcher and CEO of

1 thought on “Memo to Monster Regarding Layoffs: You Need To Offer JibberJobber & Videos as Outplacement Services”

  1. Even if they pay for the most expensive ($150) bundle at full price – that is only $60K. Of course in that kind of quantities I imagine you would give them a quantity discount of some sort. In addition to the $800k they are going to spend anyway. That is nothing compared to what they will save – $24,000,000 if the average wage of those 400 people is $60k. I know a lot of companies who would love to do 10% of that savings as their annual revenue!

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