How Hungry are you in your Job Search?

I have an opportunity for a hungry salesperson.

It is 100% commission.

Does that bother you?

Does it scare you?

Is that “below” you?

I knew what I wanted in my next job (a certain salary, benefits, etc.), and I “couldn’t” settle for anything less.

But, as the job search went on, I got hungrier and hungrier.  I changed my expectations and priorities, and got to the point where I need to work for money.  That’s what it came down to.  My high expectations changed to satisfy survival needs.

It’s why I started my business when I did.  Even though I had high hopes and aspirations of what I could do in my own business, I still would have preferred a fat corporate job at a big, popular company.  The security in that role had always appealed to me.

But I saw that wasn’t going to happen, and I had to go to Plan B.  And then Plan C.  And then Plan D. And then I started JibberJobber.

Since I started I’ve talked to people who were hungry… really hungry.  But, not hungry enough to do straight commission.

That’s okay, I get that.  It’s a personal choice, and my offering was unproven back then.

But I am overly impressed with the person who believes in herself enough to say “I am hungry. I can dedicate time to this and work as hard and smart as I know how to either be successful, or at least give it an honest effort.”

Honestly, as a business owner, I’m afraid of hiring someone who, to me, is unproven, but requires a lot just so they show up.

For the last almost-6-years I could only “eat what I kill” (gross analogy, but common with salespeople :p).

I want to partner with someone who is willing to risk, and work, and think, and put skin in the game.  That’s who I’m going to trust with my business and success.

Am I shortsighted and immature?  Perhaps.  But I own the company, and that’s who I’m looking for.

My question to you is this:  if you come across an employer that has similar hangups , how do YOU let them know that YOU are the right person for the job, to make them more successful, and not be an entitled corporate guy?

If you can’t help me see it that way, we won’t get very far.

So, how will you help your interviewers see it that way?

Over the last 6 years I’ve met people who are hungry, and give the appearance that they will work very, very hard.  And I’ve met people who seem more entitled, and will spend lots of time in or planning or preparing for meetings, and really cost me more than they bring to the table.

Which are you?  Which do people think you are?

4 thoughts on “How Hungry are you in your Job Search?”

  1. Very good Jason.

    I have tried (more than once) the 100% commission route and I am just not very good at it. Maybe that is why I ended up in the career I did. Of course, if I have my own consulting business it is sort of the same thing.

  2. Jason…. there are few people who can do what you are saying because it means their first reaction has to be collaboration… not “what’s in it for me”. Too many people feel that others are out to get them, so they cannot make a commitment to go hustle without their promised prize. I think there are even less people like you are looking for than we used to think.

  3. @Thom – I wouldn’t have qualified as hungry… for a few months. And even then, I wasn’t hungry enough. About 20 months after I lost my job, then I was really hungry enough to do what needed to be done…

    Maybe they just aren’t hungry enough?

  4. Hi Jason,
    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “My high expectations changed to satisfy survival needs”…that is when people are hungry to do well or really go for it.

    Personally I have been there and it is something I see a lot with the people we work with to help them find a job. Money is often indeed a big ‘motivator’ or the main criteria…

    In this climate ‘getting a job’ is now the main motivator…and finding somebody who thinks like you may be hard indeed?

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