Jan 11, 2006: Why didn’t I leave earlier?

Third day laid off, but still in the office so I could transition the new president to take the reigns.

I thought about the key people I had working for me who had since left the company.  Greg was awesome. He was the whole package, as far as I was concerned.  When he told me he was leaving I left work early that day, because I need to be away, and have a place to think.  He was key to the company.

And he left.

Want to know what I told him?  “You need to do what’s best for you and your family – don’t worry about us or this company.”

That’s the same thing I told Cory, who was my right hand man.  I loved working with Cory.  He was amazing.  And the day he left I think I went home, baked a cake, and ate a bunch of cake and ice cream (not in celebration, more as a comfort food tactic.  Hey, I’m human :p).

“What’s best for you and your family.”  That’s what I always said.

I wondered why I never did what was best for ME and MY FAMILY. I gave too much to this damned company for them to let me go the way they did.

I gave too much to this company to get a few piddly weeks of severance.

Why did I not take care of ME and MY FAMILY?

Never again… never again.  What I sowed, I did not reap.  And now I had some relationships to fix.  Little did I know I wouldn’t be whole enough to work on them for years down the road.

Please, I implore you: Do what’s best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY.