Minneapolis: Mission Accomplished!

I did it!  Last week I finished an exhausting week of 13 keynote presentations in a four day period.  It was hard, but so rewarding and exciting.

Some of my rewards:

  • James, who said: “Jason, if Minneapolis had a rock star, it would be you!  I’ve heard your name, or about JibberJobber, every week for the last three months!”  That is so awesome – huge THANK YOU to all the people who continue to spread the career management message (from 2.5 yrs ago when I spoke there 9 times in three days).
  • An attendee at my “101 Alternatives to a Real Job” presentation who said: “I have been wrestling with a few decisions recently, and after listening to your presentation I now know what I need to do.  Thank you!”  As a speaker, that is one of the most rewarding comments I can get – to know that what I did in some way touched and impacted you.
  • Arriving early at one of my presentations and chatting with another early attendee for more than 30 minutes… it was a quiet, peaceful time and we had a very enjoyable conversation.  This lady has gone through some amazing hardships, including serious family issues, serious medical issues, and job loss, any of which would debilitate any normal human being.  She strengthened me as we talked, and I’m appreciative for her openness and time.
  • Getting my first real meal on Friday morning.  No kidding.  I was running so hard from Monday through Thursday night that I had not treated myself to a real meal.  I was blessed by a bowl of cereal here, a tortilla wrap there (thanks Anne Pryor!), but it wasn’t until Friday morning when I sat down in a restaurant and had a full meal.  Bonus: the friend I was with is a mentor/hero, and I was greatly inspired by the time with him.
  • My Groupies!!  How can I not thanks and appreciate my “groupies?”  These are people who followed me around from presentation to presentation and said “we’re stalking you!”  I said, nah, you aren’t stalking me… you are just my groupies!  Having people go from meeting to meeting helps me strengthen and believe in my message.
  • Presenting to the Minneapolis chapter of the National Speaking Association – this is a unique group of people… NSA changed my life a few years ago, thanks to Marc Wolfsfeld who invited me.  It was cool to do a presentation, and give back, to my peers from another state!  I’m always inspired when I meet other speakers and learn about how they inspire others.

It’s been years since I’ve been in Minneapolis.  Even so, I met many people who came to my presentations years ago, and I was welcomed with open arms.  Minneapolis is cold in the winter, but the hearts of the people I met with over those four days warmed me to the bone….

Thanks to everyone who touched my life last week, and made it possible.  Definitely a week I’ll remember for a long time!  And a big thanks to the sponsors who helped pay for parts of my trip 🙂

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  1. Thank you Jason for last week in Mpls, I was on of the groupies. I can’t believe the amount of info I learned in the 3 classes I went to.


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