The Art of the Follow-up

Listen up.  I see this problem all the time.

Keith Ferrazzi says if we want to be better than 95% of our competition, we simply need to follow-up.  In this video I show you how to use JibberJobber as a follow-up tool.

Everyone knows this.

Not many people are doing it.

If you do it once, you are better than 95% of your competition.

HERE’S WHAT THE TOP 5% ARE DOING WRONG: After they follow-up once, they don’t follow-up anymore.

When you think of “follow-up” I want you to think of “nurture relationships.”   This is a process that takes time, and has multiple touch-points.

Sending one card as a follow-up is good, but having multiple communication points is BETTER.

I’m not talking about opting people into your newsletter – I’m talking about really reaching out to them, individually.

If you only follow-up once, you aren’t doing enough.

Overwhelming, isn’t it? I know it is.

You won’t follow-up with most of your network contacts… but you should strategically try to follow up with some contacts, regularly.

Take this quote from Dr. Jim Wright (from Timothy Ferris’s blog): “Consistency and moderation over intensity.”

Take this quote from Mark LeBlanc: “Consistency Trumps Commitment!

Following up once is not consistent.

(if you are overwhelmed with what this might take, jump on JibberJobber and use it as your follow-up tool)

2 thoughts on “The Art of the Follow-up”

  1. You are so right with this, Jason. From my business development days, I was trained early on that it takes a minimum of six connects with a prospect to get them to buy. In today’s world, I think it may be more. But I agree that sales professionals and job seekers alike often give up at attempt #1 or #2…way too soon! Those that keep approaching and varying that approach often win…Great post!

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