The Art of the Follow Up: Even the 5 Percent are Seriously Messing this Up

Listen up.  I see this problem all the time. But the art of the follow up is simple.

Keith Ferrazzi says if we want to be better than 95% of our competition, we simply need to follow-up.  In this video I show you how to use JibberJobber as a follow-up tool.

Everyone knows this.

Not many people are doing it.

The art of the follow up that no one does face palm

If you do it once, you are better than 95% of your competition.

HERE’S WHAT THE TOP 5% ARE DOING WRONG: After they follow-up once, they don’t follow-up anymore.

When you think of “follow-up” I want you to think of “nurture relationships.”   This is a process that takes time, and has multiple touch-points.

Sending one card as a follow-up is good, but having multiple communication points is BETTER.

I’m not talking about opting people into your newsletter – I’m talking about really reaching out to them, individually.

If you only follow-up once, you aren’t doing enough.

Overwhelming, isn’t it? I know it is.

You won’t follow-up with most of your network contacts… but you should strategically try to follow up with some contacts, regularly.

the art of the follow up over food

Take this quote from Dr. Jim Wright (from Timothy Ferris’s blog): “Consistency and moderation over intensity.”

Take this quote from Mark LeBlanc: “Consistency Trumps Commitment!

Following up once is not consistent.

(if you are overwhelmed with what this might take, jump on JibberJobber and use it as your follow-up tool)

This is the art of the follow up.

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  1. You are so right with this, Jason. From my business development days, I was trained early on that it takes a minimum of six connects with a prospect to get them to buy. In today’s world, I think it may be more. But I agree that sales professionals and job seekers alike often give up at attempt #1 or #2…way too soon! Those that keep approaching and varying that approach often win…Great post!

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