Lazy, Lazy Job Seeker! Bad Job Seeker!

Check THIS out:

I love it when recruiters rant.  They help job seekers become better, or they tell us what our competition is doing wrong.  Danielle says:

People, how many times do we have to tell you, write down the jobs you are responding to so that when I call you THE NEXT DAY or after the weekend, you know who the heck I am or can at least pretend!

Anyone know a tool that could help you track this?



Read Danielle’s entire post, and make a list of stuff you will and won’t do so that recruiters are IMPRESSED with you.  Make their job easy.  And don’t be lazy!

Get on, and use, JibberJobber!

1 thought on “Lazy, Lazy Job Seeker! Bad Job Seeker!”

  1. Great advice!

    Only disagreement is I’ve never had or heard of any recruiter calling back “the next day” after submitting a cover letter and resume.

    At best, they call in about 30 days after they “close” application process.

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