How To Find An Internship: Kristin Lenander

I found Kristin Lenander last week on Twitter when she responded to something a tweeted, and then I kind of got sucked into her blog.  The post from September 13th was great: Finding an Internship.

I’m going to give you the list of 10 places to look for internships, but you HAVE TO click over to her post so you can see her explanations on each one:

  1. College job and internship boards
  2. Professional association websites
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Industry blogs
  6. Email listservs
  7. Find recruiters from companies where you would like to work
  8. Follow people who are leaders and connectors in your industry
  9. Search popular hashtags
  10. Participate in Twitter chats (not my favorite)

These are good places to look for an internship, or for a full-time job!

Thanks for the great post Kristin!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out on my post, Jason! As you could probably tell, I’ve struggled a bit to maintain some level of consistency in posting each week, but have found this series on internships to be a really easy way for me to think of regular blog content.

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