New Server, New Job Board Resource

Here’s some much-anticipated news:

1. We finally, finally, finally got our new server in place. We debated going strictly “cloud,” or getting a new box, or just milking all we could out of our existing box.  After various considerations we decided to get a brand new server.  A few weeks ago it arrived and was prepared for the big move… on Wednesday morning in the wee morning hours the change was official.

Result: You should see a significantly faster JibberJobber.  We have, and we hear good things from users.

2. We have added a new job board aggregator to the experience. On a company or job posting page, you’ve seen the “related jobs” section where you would see links to related jobs.  These were provided by Indeed.  Now there is a tab for Indeed and another tab for LinkUp.  We’ve been asked to provide a link to LinkUp, which we now have.  Jobs from LinkUp should only come from an employer website… in other words, they spider employer websites (not other job boards or aggregators), so the probability that the jobs posted are REAL jobs should be higher.  See this page for more on LinkUp jobs. They say they are “always current,” often unadvertised,” and “never fake.”  That sounds good to me!

Result: More relevant jobs, supposedly from a more trusted source.

Here’s a picture:

Our “to do” list is still a mile long… if you have any specific requests please let us know.

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  1. Congratulations, Jason. It sounds like you considered the options and made a sound decision. The addition of LinkUp is an asset to job seekers. Thanks so much for all you do to make the navigation of a tough job market more efficient.

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