Job Search Depression is SERIOUS. READ THIS!

UPDATE: I wrote this a couple of days ago, before Margo decided to take down the post. Her post is still one of the most amazing that I’ve ever read online. Read why she took it down at the link below.  She’ll email it to you (see post for instructions).

I just finished reading a captivating blog post by Margo Rose, the woman behind the famed HireFriday.  The title of the post is Poverty Is A Vicious Form Of Violence-It Batters The Human Spirit! This is an intense, heart-felt post that she never planned on writing.

Why? Because she talks about really serious stuff.

She talks about being a community leader, someone who is the strength and inspiration.

And she talks about rejection, and being defeated.

She talks about friends, and hope, and love, and success.

Please, please take the time to read through her lengthy post.

And read the comments.  They will inspire you as much as her story will.

Margo, thank you so much for sharing this – it will help more people than you know!

(Are you depressed in your job search? I was too.  Read about my job search depression here, and dealing with job search depression here.)