Good Reads from Chip Hartman: (1) LinkedIn and (2) Personal Branding

Chip Hartman is a really nice guy.  A gentleman.  He’s a very good person, and a job seeker’s advocate.

Chip recently created two ebooks that you can get for free, no strings attached.  Download and check them out.  Print them, study them, apply them.  They are both very good, and worth your time.

First, a few weeks ago I wrote on my LinkedIn blog about his ebook: Turbocharge your LinkedIn Profile. Here’s the direct download.

Second, he just sent me an email for the new one, on personal branding.  It is called The Basics of Personal Branding (download here).

It is very, very good.  I do a lot in the personal branding space and highly endorse this ebook.

Get them both, study them, apply them!

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