Mistakes = Success?

Last week I tweeted this (I’m on Twitter here):

I’m not much of a philosopher, and I’m sure the smart folks out there can rip through my attempt at logic, but the point is, it’s generally better to do things, even if you make mistakes, than to sit around and wait until you know you’ll do them right.

Or to fear making mistakes.

Try, try and try again.  Learn from the journey.

It’s better to take the steps and move forward than to sit back and wait.

This might apply to something big, or something small.  My advice: do it.

1 thought on “Mistakes = Success?”

  1. All these companies that aren’t hiring (or dragging their feet on hiring) could learn from this. They are so afraid of hiring either the wrong person, or to many or to few employees because they feel “snake bit”. They have “analysis paralysis”.

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