JibberJobber: Why Upgrade?

I have had a bunch of upgrades recently… when someone upgrades I ask them WHY they upgraded.  Here is what one person recently said:

1. You totally hit this product correctly. I have been doing job search for 40 years as a software developer, and you have captured exactly what needs to be tracked. I value good software, and it will be a big help in landing a job, so paying for 3 months of premium is well worth it.

Very nice – I think the same thing but I’m pretty biased!  It’s a real compliment to hear this from a software veteran!

2. The ability to maintain membership at free level after I get a job. Nice move, it really helps sell your business proposition.

If I were the consumer, I would totally want this… and that’s why we did it.  Our business needs to make money, of course, but it’s really all about YOU, the job seeker.  I feel like not doing this would be disrespectful to you.

3. Good UI design. Easy to understand.

Thank you 🙂  I have a bunch of emails from people who disagree, but they probably have less time in front of a computer than you do.  We do strive to clean our UI, though… any suggestions, we’ll take’em!

Learn more about the upgrade here.