Favorite Friday: Where I Give You My Old Spreadsheet

December 15, 2006: My Christmas Present to You

This was the first December of my company – I had been laid off for almost a year.  JibberJobber was a few months old, and people were still asking me for a job search spreadsheet.  I would point them to JibberJobber and say what I designed there replaced the spreadsheet, but they still wanted a spreadsheet :p

So I wrote this post where I link to the old spreadsheet I used, but also talked about why I would rather use JibberJobber.

This was a fun post to find :p Enjoy it here.

1 thought on “Favorite Friday: Where I Give You My Old Spreadsheet”

  1. Jason,

    As someone who has seen many spreadsheets produced by other job seekers (often engineers, I live near Detroit) I always felt overwhelmed by them and knew I would never be able to manage a job search that way.

    I agree that Jibber Jobber is way better!

    Cleo Parker

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