Kayak Jobs:Network In!

What if all posted jobs were … REAL?

What if companies were honest about posted jobs?

What if companies honestly told you how to get a job there?

Check out what Kayak has on their job page (kayak.com/jobs)… NO postings, but this snippet:

“If you think you have something interesting to add, we’d be very interested in hearing about it. And if you are someone with exceptional talent, we’re going to take a leap of faith and assume that you’ll be resourceful enough to get in touch with one of us through available networking tools.

I find this honesty and straighttalk immensely refreshing!

2 thoughts on “Kayak Jobs:Network In!”

  1. Great post, Jason! That certainly takes the mystery out of a company’s job board. Now, what if job seekers were that resourceful with all of their target companies? I’m giving an interview coaching presentation at DeVry University on June 16. I would like to mention that comment.



  2. Very cool and inspiring!
    Puts a little more initiative on job seeker to “clearly state” their talents and be creative.

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