Internet Your Way To A New Job (3rd Edition)

I got an announcement on Alison Doyle’s LinkedIn Group (this link might work) about the THIRD edition of her book on using the internet in your job search.

Alison is an expert in all-things-job-search.  She is the job search expert at, and has multiple books.  I’m excited to see this third edition come out since this topic is guaranteed to need updating regularly.

You can get the book from Amazon (Kindle) or Happy About, or you can save quite a bit and buy the ebook. Here’s a link for a free excerpt.

Here’s information from her blog post announcing this new edition:

The new edition includes all the latest job search sites, tools, trends, including how to use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to job search, job search apps for your phone and iPad, video interviews, career networking, and the best sites for job seekers and career changers.

In addition, there’s a new chapter full of advice from leading job search and career experts.

I appreciate all the suggestions and advice provided by job seekers and career professionals who were kind enough to share their expertise and their job search stories with me.  Thanks so much to you all.

Go get it:  Amazon (Kindle) or Happy About 🙂