JibberJobber Partner: Linsey Levine of CareerCounsel

Linsey Levine has been a JibberJobber partner for  years.  Last year I had a choice meeting with her where we talked about Personality Tests… er, Personality ASSESSMENTS.  They aren’t tests, as Linsey went on to explain.  She clearly has a lot of training and experience using assessments to help people understand what direction they should be pointed in in the job search.

Linsey works with a lot of executives, although she has a breadth of experience in the career space.  I asked he if she would write something to introduce herself… here’s what she sent me:

After an early career that included attorney search, teaching, and editing, I found myself stuck – with really no idea what to do next. An epiphany helped me make a mid-life career change myself, and now I partner with other people in career pain, career depression, and career limbo – to help them get unstuck. It was the best choice and decision that I ever made! I love my work, my clients, and making a difference.

My passion for helping people uncover, discover, or turn on their light, enables them to consciously create successful career paths that are aligned with their values, gifts, interests, and unique strengths .

I have a private Career Coaching /Counseling / Resume Writing practice in White Plains, Westchester NY, and also facilitate ExecuNet Networking meetings in the tri-state area. As Adjunct Faculty of the Graduate School of the College of New Rochelle, I taught the Career Development Masters curriculum and supervised interns. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Master Career Development Professional(MCDP).

As a client so aptly observed, “ You are a CAREer, you put the CARE into Care(er),” so I love to provide inspirational and practical advice, as well as resources and valuable connections. I am an active member of the Career Counselors Consortium, Career Management Alliance, Association for Psychological Type, Career Development Specialists Network, National Career Development Association, Association of Career Professionals International, and National Resume Writers Association.

There is a major difference between a career coach and a career counselor. I’m proud to have Linsey as a JibberJobber Partner, and offer both skillsets to her clients, and helps them with counseling, coaching and resumes.

Learn more about Linsey Levine on LinkedIn or from her website.

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