Learn how to use LinkedIn: Three Ways

Here are three ways to learn how to use LinkedIn:

  1. Join me on Thursday at 4pm EST for a live webinar called LinkedIn for Executives – BEYOND the Basics.  This is through Netshare’s Experts Connection.  I’ve done this a few times for them and it’s always fun, and packed full of content. Cost is $50 or $60. Register now to get on the webinar.
  2. Get my DVD called LinkedIn for Job Seekers. Cost is $50 + S&H.  This has about three hours of content to help you get value out of your LinkedIn strategy. Click here to buy.
  3. If you are a career coach or in the career space, you should become an Online Professional Networking Strategist (this was the LinkedIn certification, but LinkedIn’s lawyers said we can’t use the word LinkedIn in the title of the certification).  We’ll spend six 70 minute sessions going into a number of things on LinkedIn so you can become an expert for yourself and your clients with this online professional network (aka: _________).  Cost is $897, and I work hard so you feel like it was worth it (this is the second time I’m doing this)! More info here.  TIME SENSITIVE: The first session is TODAY!

I continue to see a ton of potential with LinkedIn “users,” whether they are newbies, veterans, so-called LIONs, and even recruiters, with how they can make some marginal changes to get much better results!

Oh yeah, if LinkedIn is interesting to you, check out the LinkedIn blog behind my LinkedIn book: I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???

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  1. LinkedIn for job seekers DVD by Jason Alba has been a wonderful help in developing my profile on LinkedIn.

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