Favorite Friday: Your Spouse’s Role in the Job Search

Being a job seeker can really, really suck.

Being the spouse of a job seeker can suck just as bad.

Going through the loss of a job, then working through the rejection, feelings of self-doubt, etc. is hard on both you and your spouse.

Last year I wrote a heart-felt post about your spouse’s role in your job search.

It was acclaimed by some, criticized by others.

If nothing else, read the post and use the ideas as a starting-point for discussion with your significant other.

Don’t let the pink elephant(s) in your job search create major problems in your relationship.

Here’s the original post – feel free to comment there and retweet it: The Spouse’s Role In Your Job Search

1 thought on “Favorite Friday: Your Spouse’s Role in the Job Search”

  1. You were criticized for this?? I serve on the board of directors of Launch Pad Job Club in Austin for the last 5 years. I have seen a lot of people go the pain of losing their jobs and yes their identity. When your partner is in pain the spouse will also feel some of the pain.

    I have change careers multiple times and a couple of times abruptly. When I was out of work by choice and looking for my next step it was often painful even though I did it by my own choosing! My wife was just as miserable as I was at times!!

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