Simple, Inexpensive Fixes Can Change Your Job Search

Remember the post about my lawnmower, and the huge issue that was fixed (for good) with a set of pliers I had in my garage?  No money and a few minutes was all I needed to fix my problem.

Or my post about water damage, and talked about neglecting important things.

I related these posts to our job search and career management, suggesting that maybe we have big problems that can be fixed simply by addressing the problem with some thought, not tons of money.

This week our bathtub was clogged.  A few years ago I would have tried drano, and then called a plumber.  This time I went to Home Depot and got a less-than-three-dollar solution that I absolutely love. It is called a Zip-It, pictured to the right (see link for more).

This is an amazing tool.  It doesn’t require skill, training or bucks.  It costs less than $3.  And my problem is solved.

I also had problems with two vent covers.  I’ve had the problems for at least 2 years, but never did anything about them.  In the same trip I got new vent covers for about $6/each.

Why do we sit on problems that can have such simple, inexpensive and longterm solutions?

I wonder what simple solutions you need to implement to make your job search, and your career management, go smoother?

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  1. I can attest for the value of the zip-it, an inexpensive solution that works. I see people in their job search using the same tactics over and over because that’s how they’ve always done it. Hit the job boards, spray their resumes and hope for responses. Companies today are looking for someone who stands out. Job seekers should brand themselves by publishing articles that showcase their knowledge and skills. Show the hiring company that you have expertise that you are willing to share it.
    Lew Sauder, Author, Consulting 101: 101 Tips For Success in Consulting (

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