Should You Pay To Have Lunch With Me (Part II)

I am amazed at the comments from yesteday’s post.  If you get this in email or on RSS I encourage you to click over to the post and check out the comments… some of them where from people who are in the same situation as me and they’ve agreed with the basis of my approach (even though they would be more tactful in how they communicate it).

Others have come out quite offended and suggested that I’m a nobody and I shouldn’t charge people to meet with me.

I can only image people who have that position either:

Don’t value themselves enough, so they couldn’t imagine they would be worth an hourly fee,


Don’t get invitations to lunches, at least not often enough to where it’s been an issue.

I can’t care.

What perplexes me is the people who seem so offended at my post and suggest how I should do business.

Is there more than one way to skin this cat? Sure!  And I picked my way… why can’t they be okay with that?


I tell you what – you come pay my bills and then you can tell me how to run my business, mkay?

Another thought that came up in the comments was a thought about networking vs. consulting.

If I am a good networker I should be giving, paying it forward, all that jazz, right?

Of course.

The post is not about networking, though.  It’s about consulting.

The problem is, some people give away consulting in the name of networking.

I’m trying to draw my boundaries for my business… and I know others have this issue.

Anyway, my point of today’s post is this: READ THE COMMENTS FROM YESTERDAY’S POST!

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