Utah Job Seekers: Let’s Meet on Tuesday Morning!

On Tuesday (12/21/10) morning at 10am (arrive around 9:30ish) I will speak at the network meeting where this all started.  It is in a church across from this address:

615 E 8400 S
Sandy, UT 84070

If you can come, I invite you to attend (no charge).

Almost five years ago I was laid off.  I resisted “networking” because I was too busy in my job search to network… at church I kept noticing a flyer about this network meeting and I finally decided to go… about a month into my job search.

In general I’d say I’m not much of a networker, and it was hard to force myself to go.  But I did.  I had an “out,” though… I didn’t write down the address.  I thought I knew where it was.  I was wrong, so I drove around for about 20 minutes looking for the place before I gave up.

I repeated this weak attempt to do something constructive the next week, too.

The third week I had the address and finally found the place.  Nervous, I went in, and the rest is history.

I’m excited to go back to this place and share my thoughts, experiences, tools, etc.  If you know of anyone who is in the area, let them know – unemployed or not (aka, underemployed), we’re glad to have them!

2 thoughts on “Utah Job Seekers: Let’s Meet on Tuesday Morning!”

  1. I love your out! I wish I’d thought of that when I first dipped my toe into networking. On second thought, maybe not. I might not have started, and since I love it now, that would have been a shame.

    Congrats on going full circle!

  2. LOL – I didn’t do it on purpose but since I didn’t write it down, and it was on a church bulletin board, I couldn’t get back to it until the following Sunday…. it was putting off the inevitable because I was chicken :p

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