sponsoring my on-site presentations

I’m flying to Maryland today 🙂

In my presentations in California I raffled big packages worth hundreds of dollars to job seekers, sponsored by

I tell people to go to Job-Hunt for various things – here are three things to do there (these are all from the middle column, second box):

Find local network meetings.  How invaluable is this?  Go to your state and find something that you can GO TO.

Find company job pages.  This is not as easy as you would think, and Job-Hunt lists them here. Also, an excellent way to expand your list of “target companies.”

Find information about societies and associations.  You should browse through relevant association sites and look for job posting employers put there – if nothing else you’ll learn about certain companies that hire in various industries.

Thank you Susan, of Job Hunt!

If you are interested in sponsoring my on-site presentations, drop me a note.