Personal Brand: What is Your One Word?

Jane Atkinson, a speaker, author, consultant etc, had a great post titled Do You Own Your Word?

Read her post for context… here are some people (professional speakers) who own a word:

A few more examples:

Vince Poscente: Speed
Mark Sanborn: Fred
Michael Gerber: eMyth
Mary Beth Kuzmeski: Red Zone

It’s not necessary for it to only be one word, but owning a word or words is definitely something for all of us to ponder.

What is YOUR one word?  Or the word that you want to own?

This is a great exercise in personal branding…. it makes you think very concisely.  Too many times we get hung up on a 30/90 second commercial and we get bogged down by jargon and cliches…

Try this: leave your ONE WORD (or, you know, two :p) in the comments…

15 thoughts on “Personal Brand: What is Your One Word?”

  1. thx for the comments, all 🙂

    I don’t know what my word(s) is/are. If it is just one, perhaps it is


    I don’t want to be “job search,” because that is too ambiguous and perhaps overused (and my main message is not just a job search message).

    For many, they think it is

    LinkedIn Expert

    That worked a few years ago but today there are lots of LI “experts”…. it’s become a noisy place.

    I love speaking… and think I’m pretty good at it. I also enjoy writing and blogging… but neither of those are my “words” that I own.

    I have a feeling I’ll be thinking about this for a long, long time… for now I’ll stick with career or career management.

  2. Jason: I think you’re looking at this all wrong. You’re not a thing. You’re a what. Now I recognize that these words may apply to others too, but how about…Linchpin or Connector. And if you want to get the career thing in there, then use it as the adjective: Career Linchpin.

  3. Jason,

    Good question. When I saw it I was like “one word is he crazy?” and then everything fell into place.

    I’m looking at Kyle Lacy’s blog, 20 LinkedIn Case Studies and Examples for Professionals you can find it here . I click on David T. Stevens’s profile, here and David has recommendation for a Todd M. where David says, “to summarize Todd in a word would be bulletproof.”

    One great word and I you know quite a lot about Todd.

    I’m waiting for someone to use Doppelganger or Costermonger.

  4. I now know what my word or words are:


    Too many I guess…but they are all me and none of them is LOSER!

  5. Carol – you are so great.

    You also share stuff with others… sharer?

    Thank you for the last line, none of us are losers (even though, in a job search, it is easy to feel like you are)

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