I’m sorry, I’m thankful, I’m excited!

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I’ve been pretty busy lately. After we got evacuated from our house because of a fire close to us I spoke to a group of entrepreneurial accountants and bookkeepers at the annual Universal Accounting conference on Monday.

Tuesday I got up around 4:30am (I am so not a morning person!) so I could catch a flight to Dallas for a conference for Resume Writers. I was fortunate to be invited to speak at a job club near Dallas (Career Jumpstart near Richardson) that was celebrating their 5 year anniversary – what a treat! I love job clubs because they provide so much strength and support to a community at the individual level.

Wednesday through Saturday I did conference stuff (some terrific conversations, strategic ideas/plans and renewal of friendships/relationships), and then flew home. I rolled in around 7pm to do two quick loads of laundry and see my family for a short 15 hours.

Then, Sunday morning I hopped on a flight, this time to Maryland/Virginia. I spoke seven times in three days, including two six hour workshops. It was fun, exciting, and somehow exhausting.

Wednesday night I was gassing up my rental car… utterly exhausted from presenting, driving and networking, and I was looking at the beautiful evening sky and trees around the gas station thinking how blessed I was.

I had spent the last 72 hours running like crazy and touching, heart to heart, over 500 people. In my presentations I heard some “wow!” remarks, as I shared some of my ideas, and saw lights go on. I saw people “get it” … they really “got it” – they internalized my message.

Some of them would change strategies and tactics and have different results. Some of them were stuck in their job search and that’s what they needed to hear.

That’s cool.

But even cooler was what happened to the people who were stuck in life. Downtrodden, depressed, deflated. The job search is such a trying time – it is harder than most things we’ve ever had to go through and people have been beat up so long they don’t think they are worth what they used to be worth.

I got comments and emails from some of these people and after the meetings they indicated they got unstuck. They were now empowered and enabled. They got the glimmer of hope back…

People ask if I’m a motivational speaker.

I’m not. I don’t get up and “hip hop hooray!”

But I thrive on knowing that if I can touch just one person, and help get them unstuck, then I’m successful when I speak. That’s what I hope for. Indeed, before I present, it is what I pray for: to touch just one person and hopefully help them get unstuck in their life.

Thank you to each of you who support me, in any way, as I move forward with what I consider my (current) “mission” in life!

And to those I met in Virginia and Maryland – let’s enjoy this journey together!

(back to the title… I’m thankful for the chance to do what I do. I’m sorry I didn’t publish my schedule so you could join us, and I’m excited as we move forward :))

7 thoughts on “I’m sorry, I’m thankful, I’m excited!”

  1. Not only have you found work that you are excited about, but you are making a difference in many people’s lives who really need help. This is the rare combination that we all seek in a career – congratulations!

  2. Hi, Jason,

    I would say you are truly an inspirational speaker. You with your heart and with empathy, as well as providing practical tools and knowledge to your audiences. Most importantly, you offer HOPE in a time when people need it. Now, when people are given hope, doesn’t that also affect their motivation?

    I am happy for you that you have the means and opportunity to touch so many lives in an uplifting way.

    Kind regards,


  3. Jason, you totally got me unstuck from a motivational slump. It was your presentation at the Social Media Magic University course that introduced me to you. All you were doing is teaching us how to maximize the value of Twitter. It was like the sun coming up on my job search. I since became a member of JibberJobber. A lot of great things have been opening up for me. THANK YOU!!

  4. This is the kind of post that got me hooked on reading your blog years ago…(2007 ish, ok… only a few years) Remember when I used to say, I’m printing this one for my clients… and I did. Now I tend to send out links… so long before Twitter.

    I love your honesty and your willingness to let people know you have been there too… I think people identify most with someone who can take the lemons and turn them into lemonade.

  5. Hi Jason!

    I’m sorry I missed you while you were in the area, and look forward to seeing you at MACCA (I am delighted to share I will probably get to introduce you at one of your presentations). This week I was presenting at a workshop for career professionals and one of the participants mentioned he had just attended your POAC presentation in Columbia — and raved about you, of course.

    I’ll echo what Julie said about appreciating the way you share your own journey with others. If I may say, you might not use the title of motivational speaker, but your message and the way you choose to share it do inspire and motivate others. You touch lives by being your approachable self and generously giving honest, specific, and effective advice people can use to move forward.

  6. Well I had the opportunity to hear you along with 117 of my customers and I was delighted at the number of emails and calls I had the next few days where people gushed about what they gained from your presentation. The presentation was factual, usable information wrapped in a easy style of presentation that is uniquely Jason Alba and made for a great event. Our customers and staff were extremely pleased with your evening presentation. It was an inspirational evening for all those who attended. We are currently working on a larger venue where we can expose more people to your treasure trove of knowledge.

    I am now happily inundated with requests to review LinkedIn profiles and requests to link. The use of our customer group on LinkedIn has skyrocketed and the amount of email networking traffic has increased along with the active participation in our nine Occupational Affinity Groups.

    I want to share with others the fact that your speaking at an event can invigorate and inspire an audience and the challenges you put forth, both large and small, causes a call to action that I have only seen by the likes of Jim Rohn (RIP), Tony Robbins and Dr. Thomas Barnett (strategist).

    My sincerest – Thank You!
    Steve Gallison

  7. Jason, thank you very much for sharing your ideas with us and for your honesty. Hopefully I will have the chance to listen to one of your presentations in the future. Keep up the great work!

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