How to create a log entry without going into JibberJobber (video)

This really is one of the MOST exciting features in JibberJobber because, well, it helps keep you out of JibberJobber.

Doesn’t make sense?

Look, I’m not trying to get eyeballs to JibberJobber, like many of the other websites. I just want to provide a useful tool that helps you get the job done. I use JibberJobber all day long (it is my personal relationship manager), and I want to use it in a smart, effective, efficient way.

That’s why we came up with this new feature… in short, you can send an email to the JibberJobber system and have it become a log entry on one of your contacts.

How does it work?  Watch the video below.  Note: this is a premium feature.  Premium is as expensive as $9.95/month and as inexpensive as about $5/month (see the bundle options here).  This feature is worth a lot more than that in the time it saves you.  Check it out:

There is a little icon on the bottom right that will allow you to view this in FULL SCREEN 🙂  (ALSO, you only need to watch to about 8:04… after that it repeats a bit… we’re cleaning this up now)

3 thoughts on “How to create a log entry without going into JibberJobber (video)”

  1. Jason, been using this feature for a while and yes, it has been very helpful.

    One problem, however. When email is sent over to JJ, it includes my signature – and the past thread of conversation (since I use Gmail). Not sure if you can do anything about this, but as a result I end up doing a lot of deleting within JJ to remove the clutter – only really interested in the message I sent.

    Regards, NHR

  2. Thanks Norman… actually, I have a clever solution I’ve designed and sent to the dev team to implement… basically, we’d allow you to have a string that signifies “don’t put anything past this in the log entry.”

    This allows you some flexibility… perhaps you DO want what’s past the signature in, perhaps you don’t… let’s say the string is this:


    or, more subtle: *~*

    Once we find that in the text we’ll stop there…

    what do you think?

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