When I get to brag about JibberJobber…

Recently Vincent Wright, founder of My Linking Power Forum, asked me to reintroduce JibberJobber to his network.  Here’s what I wrote to them.  Can you tell I love what I do?

ah, my love… let me tell you about my love…

I started a job search a few years ago. It was a really bad job search, and one of the problems was trying to keep track of three things:

network contacts (LinkedIn couldn’t do this for various reasons – still can’t)
target companies – a critical part of any job search (or sales) strategy
jobs I applied to, or planned on applying to

I used a spreadsheet to try and track this but as my job search grew my spreadsheet become increasingly inadequate. It started to get confusing and convoluded and I started to miss important dates/appointments and follow-ups.

My tracking system was a mess.

I had the idea: why not combine a real tracking tool, the kind a sales professional uses, with job seeker needs. And those are the roots of JibberJobber.

I’ve used it as my business CRM and am absolutely sold on the need to have a real relationship management tool. I’m also sold on using the right tool… there are inherent problems with all tools but one thing I wanted to provide was a tool-for-life for individuals.

Imagine you work at a company that provides you with a Salesforce account right now…. that’s great. But when you leave you’ll leave your account and your database, right? JibberJobber allows you to take YOUR relationships with you into your job search, and into your next job(s). It’s your network, you should keep much of the info… that’s my opinion.

Anyway, check it out… the pricing is “freemium,” which means you get a free-for-life account with the option to upgrade/downgrade as needed. And I have some very cool bundles that take the price down significantly: https://blog.jibberjobber.com/specials

Thanks, Vincent, for letting me brag about my love 🙂

That’s my story. What’s yours?