The Tool Works… When You Use It

I have been working on my basement over the last year… some stuff we’ve outsourced and some stuff I’ve tried on my own.

I’ve gotten to know my tools better over time.  I’m not a handy person so my idea of a complete toolset has about 5 tools (hammer, saw, plyers, screw driver and that whats-it-called thingy).

Many times the tool just sits there.  Either on the floor, by me, or on the unfinished window sill, or in the toolbox.  Just sitting there.  Doing nothing.  Wasting time.  Adding NO value.

Until I need it, and I pick it up, and I use it.  I use the tool because I can’t do something without it, like hammer a nail (hammer), connect two wires (plyers), cut a romex sheath (special knife), apply paint (paint brush)…

For the short time that I’m actually using it, it’s value to me is somewhere around… priceless.

Having the right tool to do a job is awesome.  Even if it has sat around for years.  Even if I only use it for a few minutes.  The right tool makes a task doable.

LinkedIn is a tool.  You don’t have to use it all the time.  But it is a TOOL that has a PURPOSE, and using it for the right purpose(s) can be awesome.

JibberJobber is a tool.  You don’t have to be on it much, but using it to organize your job search, or to help you follow-up with your networking, is a powerful thing.  Not using a personal relationship manager for follow-up is like painting a basement ceiling … with your hands.

It’s better to have tools available, and use them, then to try and do it on your own.

Are you on LinkedIn yet?  Is it valuable to you?  If not, get the LinkedIn DVD.

Are you on JibberJobber?  Are you using it?  If not, get an account and watch some of these videoclips, or watch the one hour “getting started” demo (the one I do live every other week).

Tools.  Get them. Use them.