Career Managers: Will You Walk With Me Tomorrow?

You may have heard my calf news last year… I ripped my calf muscle on a beautiful Monday afternoon playing out on a field.  A week of limping and hobbling followed, then, in a desparate attempt to help one of my kids get something hot out of the microwave, I jumped and RIPPED it again, much worse.

The doctor guessed that I might have ripped it more than 60%.  YUCK (and OUCH).

I spent 6 weeks on the couch, which was like being in jail.  For the previous 3+ years I had not done much physical stuff… and my body was not doing so well.  Crutches hurt worse than I thought they could, my joints hurt, etc.

Sometime around December of last year I decided I wanted to walk 500 miles this year.  Walk, not run.  I figured that would be about 498 miles more than I walked in 2009.  500 seemed like a good goal – more than a mile a day but nothing too crazy.

I started January 2nd and walked 3.1 miles.  In the last 6 months I’ve continued to walk.  I took about 40 days off a few weeks ago because (a) the weather turned cold again, and I thought I was done walking in the cold/snow, and (b) I got sick, and wanted to get my health back.  It was hard to get back into it… hence, the 40 days :p

Tomorrow, though, I will hit the 1/2 way milestone: 250 miles.  I’m 2.9 miles shy of it and I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

I’d like to invite you to walk “with” me.  If you want to come to my house and do it, that’s cool!  But many of you can’t do that on such short notice 😉  Just make your own 3 mile loop and walk it “with” me.

As I get older I realize the importance of taking care of my body, which requires a lifestyle change.  I don’t think I’ll ever run (not really any interest), but I’ve seen amazing results in how I feel, my joints, even my waistline, from simply walking a few miles every week.

Is it inconvenient?  Yeah, a lot of times it is.

But the alternative is NO FUN.  I’ve been there, done that.

Tomorrow, 7am… three miles.  “See” ya there!

3 thoughts on “Career Managers: Will You Walk With Me Tomorrow?”

  1. I’ll be there, Jason. I walked my first marathon this year at age 62 and am planning to do another one (maybe more) next year. I think 500 miles/yr is a good training goal. See you there!

  2. Jason,

    I applaud you for your continuing improvement in your health! I had been walking about four miles a day until the end of last year, when starting a new job cut into my walking time (sic!). When I started back I found that a problem that I had coming on (a very tight and sore muscle in my lower back) became almost debilitating. I am working desparately with my chiropractor to get it relieved and, on a good day, have begun to venture out to once again join the walking crew.

    I wish I could say I am back to my old list, but now even a mile is difficult and sometimes painful. As my back relaxes, however, I will be joining you, returning to my schedule of walking to keep me healthy. It really does make a difference in not only your physical, but also mental and emotional health!

    Keep up your exercise, my friend. I will be back with you soon!

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