Blue Collar Job Search: Your Elevator Pitch

This is a continuation of a number of thoughts I’m having as a work with a friend who is in a job search.  For the past four years I’ve thought about job search and career management for someone like me (white collar, executive, degreed + MBA, etc.), but I haven’t thought a lot about a job search or career management for a blue collar professional.  Previous posts include:

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Today we’ll go to the next logical place – how to communicate who you are and what you want to do to others.  The most common time you’ll communicate that is (a) when others ask how your job search is going, or (b) when others ask what you do for a living.

The reasons you have an elevator pitch (aka, Me in 30 Seconds) include:

  • To develop/enhance your personal brand.  When someone wonders who they know who is expert in your space, you want them to think about YOU. This only happens if you help them know that you are the expert in that space.
  • To help them understand what you want/need.
  • To help them understand how they can help you (or at least start to think about it).

Today I hope to have a chat with my buddy and hear a few versions of his elevator pitch.  I’m guessing they will be about 25% good.  I’m biased and think that most elevator pitches can use significant improvement… I’m sure his will need a lot of help.

Can you state, in 30 seconds or less, what your brand/expertise is, as well as help me understand what you want and how I can help you?

This is NOT easy.  You get 30 seconds to wow or bore…. only 30 seconds to engage or turn off.  If you don’t put time and energy in the preparation, I’ll bet you will fail…

How are YOU doing on this?  Want to risk a bit and share your 30 seconds in the comments below?

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