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Last night I picked up 1,010 DVDs, today I’ll put about 150 in the mail.

This DVD is awesome… of course, I’m biased, but where else are you going to get three solid hours of no-frills, what you need to know, look-over-my-shoulder training?

That’s right, you don’t get to see my face in the webinar, or me on a stage… it’s my computer screen you are watching.  It’s awesome.  Here’s what you get on this fantabulous DVD:

  • Introduction – including some concepts and terminology to help you get more out of the DVD and your LinkedIn strategy.
  • Home Page – so easy to overlook but usually opportunity to get value. I show you how.
  • Profile: Above the Fold – First impression? Are you findable?  Is your Profile turning people off?  This section is quite valuable.
  • Profile: Summary – so many summaries are INSUFFICIENT or BORING.  I tell you how to fix that.
  • Profile: Below the Fold – More opportunity to brand yourself and increase the chance of being found, but so many people miss the opportunities.
  • Profile: Applications – More than the 2 I usually talk about – what Apps are important and why.
  • Profile: Add a Video – Step-by-step visual of how to get a video on your Profile (like you can see on my profile, or on Walter Akana’s Profile – you have to be logged in and click on the FULL PROFILE to see the video).
  • Companies – GOLD!  There’s GOLD in LinkedIn Companies.  Learn why.
  • Groups – Groups are powerful but misleading… learn what the value is, what to do, and what NOT to do.
  • Jobs – I wish there was more value here… nonetheless, LinkedIn Jobs still provides an opportunity you don’t get elsewhere.  Learn what’s important here.
  • Advanced People Search – If you aren’t using the advanced people search you aren’t using LinkedIn.  Don’t just get an account, look for key contacts!
  • Communicating with Others – once you find a key contact, how do you communicate with them?  Here are the mechanisms and my formula for what communications should include.
  • Recommendations – How to get them, how to give them.  What makes Recommendations valuable.
  • Answers: Asking Questions – DO THIS.  Regularly.  Learn how to do it the right way and not become NOISE to your network.
  • Answers: Answering Questions – Less commitment but still valuable.  You should be expert in something – prove it.
  • Manage Your Settings – There are a few settings and such in here that you should know about.
  • Browse Connections – Have you used this feature to strategically find more key contacts?  If not, you need to.

And that just WASN’T ENOUGH! I was on a roll and came up with FIVE bonus tracks:

  • BONUS: Now, 10 Things to Do – now that you’ve watched the DVD here are 10 actionable things you can do TODAY.
  • BONUS: 20 Questions – 20 frequently asked questions, in a speed-answering session.  This was fun to do :)
  • BONUS: Export Contacts – You should export your contacts… read this if you don’t know why.
  • BONUS: Cleaning the Export – once you export your contacts you should clean up the file because, well, it’s a mess.  Here’s what you do to clean it up.
  • BONUS: Importing to JibberJobber – You are a job seeker – you should be on JibberJobber… here’s what you can do with the imported file.

Check out this order page that has bundle information.

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  1. Sounds great, Jason.

    Can’t wait to get my copy and listen to, and read, it.



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